About EticketFix

About EticketFix

eTicketFix is Edmonton’s most convenient, affordable and reliable ticket reducing service.

Traffic tickets are burdensome in many ways and often result in long term increases in driver’s abstract and insurance premiums. Our service is committed to alleviating the stress and burden of having to deal with traffic tickets for our clients.

How it works

Our team is made of experienced traffic agents, with the experience of researching relevant strategies on the specifics of your traffic ticket. Upon this review, our agents will identify any technical issues with the ticket and potentially the ticket may be dismissed

After the initial analysis, our agents will bring your ticket to Traffic Court and negotiate on your behalf on the court date in question, saving you the hassle and inconvenience of appearing yourself.

At court, we strive to get the best reduction legally possible. This could range from having the charges withdrawn entirely or the demerit points and fine reduced.

You might choose to have your traffic ticket disputed if:

  • You believe you are not guilty of the offence you are charged with;
  • You recognize potential errors on the ticket (i.e. spelling mistakes);
  • Your insurance premiums will see in an increase; OR
  • Your demerit points will lead to a driving suspension.

Demerit Point Penalties for Fully-Licensed and GDL Drivers

Failing to remain at the scene of a collision 7 points
Careless Driving; Failing to stop for a school bus; Racing; Bet or wager; Speeding (exceeding limit by at least 51 km/hr) 6 points
Failing to stop at a railway crossing (School bus, or a vehicle carrying explosives, gas, or flammable liquids); Failing to stop for a peace officer 5 points
Failing to yield right-of-way to a pedestrian in a cross-walk; Following too closely; Speeding (exceeding limit by 31 to 50 km/hr) 4 points
Driving to the left of the yellow line/Driving left of centre on an unmarked two-way; Driving in the wrong direction on a one-way highway; Failing to report a collision; Failing to stop at an intersection controlled by a stop sign; Failing to stop for a red light at an intersection; Impeding passing vehicle; Improper passing; Stunting; Speeding (exceeding limit by 16-30 km/hr); Distracted driving 3 points
Failing to obey instruction of traffic control device; Improper backing – backing into an intersection or cross-walk or unsafe backing onto a highway; Improper turns; Improper turns – U-turn; Traffic lane violation; Speeding (exceeding limit to a maximum of 15 km/hr; Failing to signal; Driving at less than minimum speed 2 points

The following apply only to GDL drivers

Curfew, no driving from midnight to 5:00 a.m. (Class 7 Learner stage Only) 2 points
Having more passengers than seatbelts 2 points
Supervisor not fully qualified 2 points

Demerit Points and Suspension.

  • Accumulation of 15 of more demerit points by a fully licensed driver within a 2-year period will result in an automatic license suspension for one month. For GDL drivers, eight or more demerit points within two years results in suspension.
  • When the suspension is the second demerit suspension within one year, license is suspended for three months. GDL driver will be directed to appear before the Alberta Transportation Safety Board along with the three month license suspension.
  • For both fully licensed and GDL drivers, when the suspension is the third or more demerit suspension within two years, license is suspended for six months. In addition, you may be required to appear before the Alberta Transportation Safety Board.
  • When a demerit point suspension has been served, a regular license is reinstated with seven points and a GDL license is reinstated with three. These points remain on your record until a period of two years from the assessed date has passed.
  • When two years have elapsed from the date of conviction, the number of points assessed for that conviction are removed from your record. Remember the date of conviction is the date that you actually pay the fine or are found guilty in absence, not the date that you received the fine.
  • There is no remedy or appeal against a demerit point suspension; unless you can prove the demerit points were assigned in error. You may request to review your driving record on these grounds by making a submission to the Driver Fitness and Monitoring Branch.

Traffic Offences and Insurance

Insurance premiums are likely to increase upon conviction of any traffic offences. The percent increase will vary according to the type of offence convicted of. For example: A simple speeding ticket might not raise the rate at all (especially if it is a first offence). On the other hand, multiple offences or convictions of those with higher demerit points such as Careless Driving or Failure to Stop for a school bus, are likely to increase insurance premiums by 50% or more.

Types of Tickets we appear to get reduced and fees:

  • Photo Radar ($29.99)
  • Speeding ($49.99)
  • Speeding over 50 Km/s ($199.99)
  • Careless Driving ($149.99)
  • Fail to Stop/Yield ($49.99)
  • Fail To Stop Red/Amber Light ($49.99)
  • Fail To Remain ($49.99)
  • Improper Driving Violations ($49.99)
  • Stunt Driving ($59.99)
  • Fail To Stop For School Bus ($59.99)
  • Others ($59.99)