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Frequently Asked Questions

All reductions will be resolved on first appearance data, which corresponds to the date that appears on your ticket.

Depending on the circumstances under which the traffic ticket occurred, either or both the fine or demerits can be reduced or eliminated. However, we do not guarantee such reduction.

Whether or not a ticket can be reduced depends on numerous factors, including but not limited to the driver in question’s previous driving record and the circumstances of the offence. Due to these complicating factors, not all tickets can be reduced. However, we will exhaust all available avenues to reduce its impact on your life as much as possible.

As stated above, not all tickets can be reduced depending on the circumstances, nevertheless, we will use all possible methods to try to reduce it. If your traffic ticket truly cannot be reduced, we will still appear in court on time which will eliminate the possibility of a late penalty which is about 20%. Because of these reasons, you will not be entitled to a refund if your ticket cannot be reduced.

We are building our online presence at the moment, so all prices are heavily discounted. Once we become more established, prices will increase to reflect the complexity of the work involved.

No. All eTicketFix employees are agent with heavy traffic ticket experience and knowledge. This is another part of the reason why we can bring the prices of our services down so low.

No. Our agents will not set any matter for trial. If you wish to have your matter set for trial, we recommend that you retain a lawyer, as we only appear for reductions only.

For the fastest response, please direct all questions to eticketfix@gmail.com

How it Works:

  1. Go to www.eTicketFix.ca
  2. Fill out our online form
  3. Submit Payment
  4. We appear on your behalf
  5. We use all available means to reduce your demerit points and fines.

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